Philosophy - Science and Religion

Plato and his teacher Socrates. They along with Aristotle - Plato's student - are the founders of Western philosophy. Aristotle's famous quote is:
"the unexamined life is not worth living"

 Three great mental activities of great importance to mankind revolve around what we think, what we know and what we hope.

The formal names given for these preoccupations are Philosophy, Science and Religion.

We have been given minds for thinking. This is an activity that brings us to knowing. And soon afterwards to the realm of hope and expectation. 

We are all philosophers. We are all scientists. And we all hope and expect the best. Each one of us - in our thinking efforts - deserve to have our ideas respected. This is essential because we need the freedom to acquaint ourselves with our own ideas, to develop them, to improve them and  to grow  in wisdom with them.

Philosophy is often understood as the study of knowledge and reality as presented to us by the ancients of old and by the succession of very learned people, men and women, who have left us with their writings, ideas and thoughts.

But Philosophy is more important that this. It is about the development of our own guiding principles - principles that will support and strengthen our minds and spirits, our thoughts and feelings as we journey through life.

 I would love you to read Gunna Dan an Angel for Everyone with a certain self-awareness. As you read the book observe your own thinking. Enjoy  your own agreements. Love your personal disagreements. Welcome the new. Accept the unusual. Laugh at what you  consider to be the ridiculous. And, as you travel on your journey through the book be at peace with yourself - but much more - always be happy.

After you have read the book I would love to hear from you. I would love to know if all humans on planet Earth should be far more optimistic about life and living. 

Our attitudes, our feelings and our sentiments strongly influence the way we act and do. Perhaps you have an important contribution to make - a contribution that could be uplifting to many other travellers on life's highway.

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