This is a remarkable story. A newly retired schoolteacher goes to live in the countryside in  County Clare in Ireland. There he meets and gets to know a recent immigrant, an enigmatic character by the name of Gunna Dan.

The hapless and helpless visitor begs to be told what life is all about in his new adopted abode and what it is that gives meaning and purpose to our existence here on planet Earth.

What follows is a powerful exposition of discussion and argument. We experience the pursuit of knowledge close up. We go on a journey into new worlds of enlightenment and understanding;  of wisdom and kindness; of truth and spirituality; of religion and Christianity.

And all of this happens within a wonderful medley of memory and reminiscence; of history and culture; of art and science; of philosophy and mysticism.

The presentation of viewpoints  is daring and provocative, so much so  that readers will be  challenged to re-examine anew  the importance of their own personal existence here on planet Earth.

This is a book  of our times and for our times!

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